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Lazy in the Park

from by Adversapolis



Lazy in the park, not a care in my mind
Sit down by a tree, time to get to know me
Remove my only skin, and then we can begin
To find out what's really inside

Killing time until I figure it all out
A second, a minute, an hour, a day
These all mean nothing to me once I begin
To find out what's really inside

Sleeping for a while, wake for a spell
Drifting side to side, is this heaven or hell?
Take my time for it's not worth it to speed
Patience is a virtue, but wisdom's what I need

Lazy in the park, not a care in my head
I'm staring, I'm dreaming, I've lost my way once again
I could find epiphany, but I'll sleep instead
To find out what's really inside

I'm going to see her there
Take off our clothes, no one will stare
A whisper from me to you
Of the one thing that I won't do
Keep the picture, keep the ring
Keep on playing, while she sings


from Adversapolis, released March 1, 2010



all rights reserved


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Nebyoolae San Diego, California

Hi, I'm Mike! I write music that hopefully makes you respond with "Cool!", an appreciable nod, and at least the occasional head bang, because that's the best genre of music there is.

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